I am a Senior Research Advisor in the Financial Stability Strategy and Risk (FSSR) Directorate of the Bank of England. I currently currently represent the Bank for various domestic and international workstreams. In addition, I lead research and analyses on assessing and mitigating threats to financial stability from financial markets. My research interests lie in the areas of market structure, market microstructure, market infrastructures, macroprudential and microprudential policies and their interactions, OTC & ETD derivatives, and repo markets. My work has been published in various peer reviewed journals, including, but not limited to, Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Stability, Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control, International Journal of Finance & Economics, and Quantitative Finance.

I have a PhD in Economics from the joint program at Vilfredo Pareto Doctorate in Economics (University of Turin) and Collegio Carlo Alberto, where I've taught graduate level economic courses. Prior to joining the Bank of England, I also worked in the private sector as a quantitative analyst, examining issues related to various areas, including asset management, risk management, and policy implementation.

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